What Type of Gardener Are You Quiz

Take this fun quiz to find out what type of gardener you are!

What Kind of Gardener Are You Quiz

Gardening quiz

It’s time to buy or order seeds for the upcoming gardening season, do you:

  1. Wish to grow carrots so you grab the first kind you see, regardless of what variety it is or what company saved the seeds.
  2. Spend months looking up different seed companies & varieties then carefully select what you’re going to grow.
  3. Have a full on seed addiction. Listen some women love shoes or purses, you’re the one sneaking seed packets into the house so your husband doesn’t see how much you’ve spent.
  4. Go to your local gardening center because you’ve heard they support great companies. You trust their selection based from word of mouth.
  5. Head to some department store. You think. Actually you can’t really remember where you buy seeds from.
  6. You don’t even know, you’re just super excited to plant your ever first seeds!

What season do you garden in?

  1. You sow crops in the spring and harvest throughout the summer.
  2. You grow year-round baby. You’ve been known to shovel snow from your season extenders and use them for early spring planting.
  3. You garden from spring frost until the first fall frost. You like to keep the garden season in that window so you can keep up with it well, rather than stretching yourself out.
  4. You tend to plant sometime in the spring, and end the garden whenever you feel like it.
  5. Honestly, you don’t really know. There’s more than one gardening season?
  6. You have no idea what plants could die with a frost. You’ll learn as you go, you learn the most from your mistakes right?

What is your take on weeding your garden?

  1. You head into the garden frequently to weed, intending to get it done. Then you stop, sit down with a cup of tea or wine and watch things grow. Oh look there’s a bee. Oh look there’s a beautiful seed emerging from the soil. I’m sorry, what was the question? Weeding?
  2. You’ve done some reading and looked into Permaculture principles to keep weeds down with deep mulching techniques to build the soil. Not only does this suppress weeds but it keeps the soil microorganisms and worms happy creating even better long-term soil.
  3. You hoe and weed once or twice a week and as a result your garden rows are super neat and tidy. Your garden is your baby and it looks like the picturesque version of what others dream there garden to be.
  4.  You’ll weed well at the beginning of the season, then lose interest as the summer goes along. You make sure your beds are cleared in the fall for next season though.
  5. Ah yes. Weeding. I heard that’s what gardeners are suppose to do.
  6. You’d like to pull up the weeds but you actually no idea *yet* what plants are food and which ones are weeds. You’ll just wait till they get bigger and hope to figure it out.

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What are your thoughts on preserving the harvest?

  1. You don’t, that sounds like way too much effort. You just enjoy the harvests throughout the summer.
  2. You’ve planned your whole garden carefully to grow and preserve enough for the winter months. You know it’s hard work but it’s so worth it when you see how expensive produce is during the off-season. You have a cold room or you aspire to preserve more every year. Your ultimate goal is to stop going to the grocery store for produce.
  3. You have mason jars in not just clear but blue and green too. Oh and you print-off adorable labels.
  4. Some years you’ll preserve green beans, one year you tried canning salsa. Your preserving depends on if you have any extra but you don’t plan your garden for preserving.
  5. Preserving? Ha. My plants look like they’re dying but thanks for the chuckle.
  6. This is your first garden and you’re not ready to tackle preserving yet but maybe one day.

How do you plan your garden?

  1. Hmmm… go to the store, buy seeds or transplants, plant them. See what happens.
  2. You treat your garden like a market farm, only you’re growing your produce for your family or to preserve. You plan for months before the season starts because you can maximize yields that way. You use excel spreadsheets, tables, and draft your garden on paper or with an app. Being organized helps you get the most dollar value for your garden.
  3. You spend months looking up seed companies, reading about crop rotation and gardening and plan your garden well. You draw out your garden multiple times to get it right.
  4. You pay attention to a little crop rotation, do a little reading on what your veggies or fruits need but you haven’t spent too much time garden planning. You enjoy gardening but aren’t a big planner.
  5. Meh. I live life on the edge, just plant stuff and hope for the best.
  6. Your planting your first garden and you’re super excited! You have no idea what you’re doing and you just put stuff in the ground, not really knowing what grows well together or what your plants need.

Gardening quiz

You Are

  • Mostly answered 1’s: Lazy Gardener- You sowed your crops only you didn’t really read anything about gardening. Throwing seeds in the ground is all it takes right? You sometimes remember to water, sometimes remember to harvest your crops. You’ve enjoyed some yields however other crops are looking a tad sad. Oh those weeds look like they need pulling but meh.
  • Mostly answered 2’s: Food Production GardenerYou want to grow a lot of  produce and you’re serious about denting your monthly grocery bill. You’ve done a lot of studying about gardening or market farming, are trying out different methods and techniques to maximize yields. You preserve lots for the off-season and you’re trying to grow cold-hardy crops in the snow.
  • Mostly answered 3’s: Addicted Gardener- You have matching color themed rubber boots and gardening tools, you own the straw hat, every seed catalog known to be great and spend all your spare time reading up on gardening. You’re in the garden all the time, you preserve your harvests and talk gardening to anyone who listens. #addictedtoseeds
  • Mostly answered 4’s: Casual Gardener- You’ve been enjoying gardening so far but you really don’t have too much time for it. You’ve enjoyed some lovely salads and grew some herbs and strawberries and you’re content with keeping it small and easy. Sometimes you might preserve one year, other years not at all. You go with the flow.
  • Mostly answered 5’s: Indifferent Gardener- Gardening has become trendy so you’re trying it out. After all produce is getting expensive. But you’re super busy, have no idea just how much work a garden really is and your plants seem to be dying. Only you’re indifferent to the outcome, you know you can support some kick ass farmers at the local markets.
  • Mostly answered 6’s: Beginner but inspiring to do better Gardener- This is your first gardening season but you loved it and you hope to spend the whole winter learning more about gardening to do even better next year.

After you’ve found out what type of gardener you are, you can check out some great gardening blogs that’ll help with your gardening.

What am I?

I’m #2 – the Food Production Gardener (although I have a full blown seed addiction). My ultimate goal is to not have to go the grocery store for produce at all and eat seasonally. The rising cost of food makes it hard for families to afford good healthy produce these days. I believe the best thing you can do (if you have the time and ambition) is to grow a lot of food.

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Are you a lazy gardener? Addicted to seeds? Take this fun quiz to find out what type of gardener you are

8 thoughts on “What Type of Gardener Are You Quiz”

  1. I fall under #6. Beginner, but aspiring to do better. Your blog and book have helped me do a lot of planning for spring. But this fall I’m just going to get some plant starts at the local community farm and see what happens. Experience is the best teacher, and you gotta start somewhere, right?

    • I love everything you just wrote. I know you’ll become a gardener full of wisdom one day! I still make mistakes 8 years later (I love challenging our Canadian climate) it’s always a learning process depending on what you’re faced with. We move to the valley this week and I’ve been gardening on a mountainside for years so I know I’ll have new pests, disease and weather challenges to deal with in the future. More learning! Yay!

  2. I’m a 3-and how true it is. I deplore grocery stores and shopping. Give me a beautiful garden of veggies and fruit and I am planning my meals for winter.

  3. I am #2, have been gardening pretty much all my life, but learn something new every year. I have put up a lot of canned veggies and plan on more. Hopefully will get the Garlic and Kohlrabi in very soon for the fall. Planning on a cover crop this year.


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