Garden planning?

Growing a 3 Season Garden

More food = less grocery store spending! Growing a 3 season garden is a great way to get more from your garden. You might need to use season extenders if you live in a cooler climate but most of the cool season crops can handle light frosts and rebound. *Check out more ways to maximize your garden ... READ the POST

Maximize Your Food Garden

Do you want to grow a food garden & get more yields? I think we all want to maximize the harvests from our garden as produce prices keep going up. I know I do, which is why I've been learning and practicing ways to get the most from our garden yield every season.Some ways to maximize your ... READ the POST

When to Sow or Transplant your Seeds

When can you sow your seeds? When can you transplant your seedlings? This is a common question for gardeners! Learn when to sow or transplant your seeds by figuring out your frost dates and sowing seeds accordingly. Once you know your frost dates which we'll discuss in this post, you can count ... READ the POST

Our Family Grew $2,000 Worth of Produce Last Year

Today I wanted to share with you how we grew 2k+ worth of fruits and vegetables in our 2015 family food garden.First a little background: We live in the Canadian mountains in a growing zone 5.I don't grow within our 'first and last frost date'; I'm an avid user of season extenders to add a ... READ the POST


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